TOWNSON, Ross Frederick  - 1929 - 2017  Known Aliases: Grampie, Mr. T Ross grew up in Balmoral, Ontario with his 9 brothers and sisters.

He left the country life behind along with his dungarees and moved to Toronto with his wife Reta Sheehan where they had one child, a daughter Penny. He drove taxi for many years.

Later, he sold tickets for the Argos and trade shows. He was also a babysitter, dogsitter and chauffeur well into his 80s. He enjoyed cards, golf and curling.

In 1980, his wife Reta died. Soon his daughter Penny married Doug Blake and Ross became a Grampie to Veronica, then Robert.

Veronica and her husband Greg Youngberg made him a great-grampie with the birth of their daughter Audrey. They will all dearly miss him, as well as extended and adopted family, friends and dogs.

And he never again wore jeans. Work is over, time to rest.

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